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CS Namibia 2014



Surfing has an amazing ability to draw people together, build community, increase stoke levels, and cause wave-riders to look beyond themselves to the ultimate Wave-Maker who distinctively shaped the pulses of energy they are sliding on and their passion for surfing.


Last week Christian Surfers partnered up with Element Riders, a local action sports business, to host the 3rd annual Namibian Surf week in Swakopmund, Namibia. The aim behind this week of non-stop surf action is to further develop the sport of surfing, unite the grassroots surf community, and encourage the Namibian surfers.


Christian Surfers has laid the groundwork for this trip, sending a crew of passionate surfers up the coast to Namibia every year for the past 5 years, with no plans of stopping. Relationships have been formed, trust has been built, and many doors have been opened through the consistency of the trip. This year was no different and our team packed a car full of snacks and stoke and embarked on the two-day journey up the coast to Namibia with the desire to be a blessing in the Namibian surf community.


We were welcomed with open arms and blown away by the hospitality and generosity of the Namibian surfers. They hosted us in their homes, shared meals with us, and even shared some of their cooking waves with us. We left inspired by the lives of the Namibian surfers as well as the sense of community that is emerging amongst them. The surfers are spoilt for waves with multiple A-grade set-ups and limited crowds. We definitely surfed some fun waves, snapped some boards, and may have gotten the occasional barrel; however, at its core, the trip was a serve trip and not a surf trip.



Shannon Ainslie gets spit out


Beautiful lines


Surf Camp:

photo 3-5

Camping in the desert


Damien Lackey pulling in


The week of surfing initiatives began with a surf camp up the coast with a group of local groms. What a joy to spend 3 days in the middle of nowhere camping, surfing, and braaing. The surf was small for a lot of the camp but everybody made the most of it and surfed their hearts out throughout the time. We were kept company by a colony of seals who sounded like the orcs from Lord of the Rings and smelled like them too. We shared waves, laughs, and stories and left with our stoke meters high, setting the tone for an awesome week of surf coaching and connecting.



Nova Lee Detmold cruises down the line




Pre-surf warmups with some amping groms


Loads of stoke

A week of both beginner and intermediate level coaching saw the next generation of rippers in the water everyday receiving coaching and working to improve their surfing. Multiple hours of water time each morning provided a great time to connect with the kids as well as see vast improvements in their surfing.




Swakop Pro Surf Contest:


Make-shift contest site in the desert


Shaun Loubser goes off the top on a beaut of a left


The week of excitement, waves, and coaching culminated with the 3rd annual Swakop Pro Surf Contest, the “Volker Röder Classic,” held at Guns in beautiful 4-foot glassy conditions. God could not have provided a better day for the contest and the surfers were blessed with sunshine, mirror glass water, and overhead sets rolling in across the reef. This year’s event showed a significant increase in participation from last year with 36 contestants spread across 8 divisions: U12 Boys, U16 Boys and Girls, U20 Boys, Bodyboard, and Open Men’s and Women’s. There was also awesome support from the community and a variety of sponsors who generously provided over R20,000 in prize money as well as some rad prizes.



Chris Nel smashing the lip


Julian Nel following in his father’s footsteps

The Open Men’s division, the largest of the contest, squared off the quad fins vs. the thrusters with a split final – two surfers riding four-fin boards and two riding with three fins. Mark De Wet put in a good argument for the classic thruster winning the contest with a series of powerful backhand man-turns in the final. He really showcased his power surfing throughout the event pushing each turn to the max and throwing lots of spray. Also in the final were Chris Nel, Uwe Doll, and Tyrone Kotze who put on a good show and were ripping throughout the contest.


Other divisions: Cisca Kaaijk took down the Open Women’s division with some mean backhand carves. Tyrone Kotze won the bodyboarding with a massive combination of spins and rolls and triplets Nils, Lars, and Sören Kintscher shined in the foamies in the U12 Boys with Nils getting the upperhand of the trio.




Mark De Wet puts it on the rail


Tyrone Kotze massive roll on the bodyboard

Cisca and Nova Lee Detmold cruising down the line

Cisca Kaaijk and Nova Lee Detmold cruising down the line


Check out the full results below:



1st Michael Viljoen

2nd Luke Brinkmann

3rd Sascha Rapp

4th Jan-Ivan Van Dyk

5th Luan Van Dyk

6th Ramona Von Leipzig


Boys U12:

1st Nils Kintscher

2nd Jan-Ivan Van Dyk

3rd Sören Kintscher

4th Lars Kintscher



Boys U16:

1st Julian Nel

2nd Morné Mostert

3rd Michael Mattheis

4th Sascha Rapp

5th Luke Brinkmann



Girls U20:

1st Xenia Raith

2nd Nova-Lee Detmold

3rd Nicole Visser

4th Rhythm Stewart



Men’s U20:

1st Heinrich Oesterle

2nd Michael Viljoen

3rd Morné Mostert

4th Eike Rohloff



Bodyboarding Open:

1st Tyrone Kotze

2nd Richard Morsbach

3rd Heinrich Oesterle

4th Tiago Kutz

5th Michael Viljoen



Women’s Open:

1st Cisca Kaaijk

2nd Nova-Lee Detmold

3rd Xenia Raith

4th Heidi Potgieter

5th Nicole Visser

6th Rhythm Stewart



Men’s Open:

1st Mark De Wet

2nd Tyrone Kotze

3rd Chris Nel

4th Uwe Doll



The Namibian surf week wrapped up with a media night at Shofar church where the surfers reviewed the photo and video highlights from the week. The crowd was full of oohs and aahs as they watched all the best barrels, turns, and wipeouts caught on camera. They were also fascinated as Shannon Ainslie shared his story of how he survived an attack from two great white sharks.


After a rad week of surf action the desire is to leave the Namibian surfers stoked and encouraged to spend more time in the water and in community with one another. We hope to be a catalyst for further growth and opportunities in surfing and to plant seeds for surfers to look to a God that loves them. We are hoping to build on the momentum from the trip and are already excited for an even bigger and better Namibian Surf Week next year!



For more information about Element Riders check out:












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