Christian Surfers South Africa | About Us!
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Our Core Values

Faith-focused, Bible is our authority, Jesus, discipleship, prayer (Matt 28:18-20)

Humility, sacrifice, trust, empowering of others (Matt 20:26-27)

People of Integrity
Godly character, accountable, authentic (Titus 2:11-12, James 4:17)

Celebrate diversity, community, relational, partnering, international, open-source (Gal 3:28)

Surfers & Skaters
Adventurous, fun-loving, risk-taking, innovative, have-a-go (John 10:10)

Our Core Strategic Ideas

Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that will help initiate relationships. e.g. our personal surfing, media, movie nights, camps, outreach contests, etc.
Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that introduce and grow surfers in their life-long relationship with Jesus.
e.g. local missions, Bible studies, camps, national movements, prayer, etc.
Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that enable us to meet the needs of our wider surfing community. e.g. chaplaincy, events, logistical support, emergency response, community development, etc.
Choosing to create opportunities and platforms that empower our people to advance our mission.
e.g. training, mentoring, resources, leadership development, spiritual disciplines, etc.
Choosing to develop relationships of trust where sharing and joining with others helps us to achieve our vision. e.g. local churches, mission agencies, surf industry, secular surfing organisations, surf media, alumni, Aleph, etc.

A typical Christian Surfers mission is

  • Christ-centered
  • Team Lead
  • Surf mission focused
  • Accountable to supportive local churces


They are integrated and seek to serve their local surf community. This ‘hub’ of leadership has a variety of ‘spokes’ that connect with our surfing community. These ‘spokes’ may include: regular CS meetings, membership in secular surfing organisations, serving within secular events, surf coaching, short-term missions, etc. Established surfing nations multiply these local missions around their coastlines to form national movements that can evangelise and disciple surfers of the nation.


Core Strategies
Whilst each mission in each country will develop its own cultural expression of surf ministry, CSI recognises that there are key strategies for aiding world evangelism of surfers. CSI seeks to deliver the global mission in conjunction with the national bodies.

Broad Geographic Strategy
A key strategy in CSI is the establishment of 6 geographic regions: Australasia, Pacific, South America, North America (includes Central America and the Caribbean), Europe, and Africa. We encourage established missions to partner with emerging missions with oversight from CSI leadership.

Specific Active Strategies
The following strategies have been identified by the international leadership to help the global family of missions fulfill this calling.

Strategy for National Movements
Vision: To develop national movements of local community based chapters and key individuals of CS that will effectively evangelise and disciple surfers of the nations.
• Establish a pioneering local mission identity in every ISA member nation plus others
• Develop systems for multiplying such missions as chapters of mission
• Develop systems of national membership to enable individuals to connect with the national movement
• Best practices and resources will be networked and readily available to all affiliates

Strategy for Hospitality/Servanthood
Vision: For CS to position itself in a servanthood role within the various surfing organisations and be recognised as being hospitable.
• Every national mission having a presence at their key crossroad events
• Mobilise CS to key international surfing events, eg: ISA World Games
• Develop a global network of hospitality gifted people who can facilitate and minister to travelling surfers
• Surfpacker style business missions established at key international locations

Strategy for Chaplaincy
Vision: To facilitate chaplaincy within organised surfing.
• Develop Men’s Tour and Women’s Tour chaplaincy to the WSL
• Develop a Regional Chaplain to each WSL office
• Explore chaplaincy opportunities at amateur levels within the ISA
• Develop an international strategy team to help develop this

Strategy for Short-Term Missions Projects
Vision: To create a wider entry point to international missions and spearhead new nations.
• Mobilising investigative short-term missions (STM) to every member nation of the ISA and other key surfing nations
• Encourage established CSI nation sponsoring a 3 year commitment to send STM to an emerging nation
• Developing a global team of skilled STM leaders with international coordination
• Develop Compassion based STM that enhance our mission and engage the wider community

Strategy for Training Leaders
Vision: To provide ongoing leadership training for all levels of leadership accessible at both local, regional and international locations.
• CS Foundations Training made available
• Establish a global register of suitable CS Trainers
• On line and email based training made available
• Regional Training offered to emerging leaders and missions in the region
• Develop short term training schools held in every region
• Internships and leadership developed


Essentially Christian Surfers is about surfers reaching surfers, using their surfing.

Our Vision

That every surfer and every surfing community has an opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

Our Mission

We share the Good news of Jesus with surfers, following Him together in community, empowering others to do the same.

International Structure

The International Council, made up of Affiliated Mission’s (various countries around the world), meets every two years to determine overall vision and strategy. The Council appoints the International Director and Board members. Between meetings the Board holds the International Director accountable to deliver the strategy in line with the overall mission and vision. Reports on activity and finances are provided to the Council on a yearly basis.

The Board is responsible for the operations of Christian Surfers International Limited, a company registered in Australia, which is the legal holder of CS assets.

The Affiliation process sets out required accountability, which include establishing an appropriate governance, the evidence of a leadership team and a plan to have a surf missions focus.

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