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Christian Surfers Africa Correspondence


Matthew 28:19-20 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


With the massive growth of surfing across the globe, Africa is considered to be one of the last surfing frontiers on the planet. There are 29 surfable nations on the continent and countless kilometers of coastline with surfers and communities to be reached and explored. Christian Surfers Africa has a heart to see surfers changed by the love of Jesus all across this beautiful continent.  That’s why we designed the Christian Surfers Africa Correspondence to increase the communication and connection between surfers who are combining their passions for surfing and Jesus and saying yes to the adventure that God has them on.


On this page are a few profiles highlighting some of the contacts, countries, and needs. Please check out these guys profiles, pray for them, and trust that our BIG, Extraordinary God is doing mighty things in and through their lives. If you would like to get more involved in praying for, supporting, or connecting with some of these guys please email our Christian Surfers Africa Correspondent, Alex Reynolds and he can give you more information






Coastline: 177km

Estimated Surf Population: Unknown

Surfers: Andre, Yvet, Taylor and Lungz Holl

Favorite Surf Spot: One eye and Le Morne


How are you involved in your Local Surf Community?

We arrived in Mauritius 5 years ago and it has taken time to build relationships to a point that we are tolerated in the lineup. My two sons Taylor and Lungz are both crazy about surfing and have made friends with some of the local young surfers. We have a home culture of “there is always room for one more” and so we are beginning to see more and more of the surfers feeling comfortable in our home where we believe God can and will use our lives to love this surfing community. We feel that God wants us to use our gifting and talents to serve him and the community in organizing more regular surf contests. This will open many doors to many hearts!


We are also involved with an initiative called “Free2surf” to reach underprivileged kids to teach and mentor them.


Greatest need in surf community:

Helping the surfers of Mauritius to break free from religion and to find the freedom of walking with Jesus. There is a great need to change the mood and aggression in the lineup. I believe this is only possible as the hearts if surfers are won and changed by the love and power of Jesus. We have already seen evidence if this starting to take place.


Other facts/vision:

We are in the process of establishing “Hope House Mission” God has mandated and commissioned us to create an environment from which his love can touch different communities one of which is surfers. We have a passion to see widows and orphans loved. Unemployed, skilled and trained and kids taken off the streets and encouraged and helped to find their God given purpose.


Reunion Island leu legras. (9)

Coastline: 210km

Estimated Surf Population: 5,000– 10,000

Surfer: Mikael Legras

Favorite Surf Spot: Saint Leu, Saint Pierre, and l’Ermitage


How are you involved in your Local Surf Community?

I run a surf school and am a part of the Surf League of Reunion. I’m also connected with the responsible of association for actions against Shark Problems. I  represent the Christian Surfers Movement in Reunion.


Greatest need in surf community:

For surfers to be free of addictions by the power, love and peace that God wants give them

Answers and actions for Sharks Problem – unity of the actors who work for solutions and actions to protect the spots.





Coastline: 1,572km

Estimated Surf Population: 30-50 surfers plus 100-150 occasional/holiday surfers

Surfer: Rainer Eimbeck 

Favorite Surf Spot: Cape Cross



How are you involved in your Local Surf Community?

Running a surf-school and business called Element Riders that facilitates extreme adrenaline sports (surfing, kitesurfing, rock climbing, skydiving) to get people in direct contact with elements of nature in the hope that they are more exposed to situations in which they can realize and think more about God and their relationship to Him. The aim is also to cross-link various sporting communities to share life experiences across the communities and learn to respect people around them. Also managing the Namibian Surfing Association (NSA) and organizing contests, camps, and events including the Swakop Pro Surf Contest.


Greatest need in surf community:

The greatest need is unity amongst the surf community and to get the politics out of surfing. The surfing community is very much still grassroots so further development, empowerment, and opportunities.




Coastline: 4,828km 

Estimated Surf Population: Toliar less than 10 expat surfers and maybe 1/2 dozen Malagasy surfers. Madagascar total: less than 100 

Surfer: Peter and Kara Schaffler and Family

Favorite Surf Spot: They’re all perfect on the right wind, swell, and tide – Pete’s, Googles, Joe’s, TT’s, Inner’s, Outers, Flameballs, Jamanagi



How are you involved in your Local Surf Community?

Running youth evangelism through bible storying and finding creative ways to reach out to young people such as surfing. We have received donated surfboards and are looking into how we can effectively run a surf-school outreach with local Malagasy without getting killed.


Greatest need in surf community:

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Jesus – major drinking, prostitute and drug taking expat community.

Malagasy surfing community needs surfboards and a surf school to teach surfing. Our vision for Madagascar is for someone to come join our team and work with us in running a surf school to reach Malagasy through Bible stories.




Ivory Coast

FRED ET ZETLA_resized_1

Coastline: 515km

Estimated Surf Population: Unknown

Surfer: Frederick Roux

Favorite Surf Spot: Assinie


How are you involved in your Local Surf Community?

Leading by example and letting my light shine to the local surfers through faith, respect, and caring for others.

Starting the Universal Waves Center as a place to show the upcoming generation that with faith and surfing they can find a meaningful and purposeful life in Christ. Partnering with orphan school for center.

Greatest need in surf community:

Respect for one another.

Healing and spreading love using surfing and culture to teach those who judge and fight against each other.



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