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The African Groundswell


Jesus Loves You  

Isaiah 49:6 “It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles so that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the Earth.”


In order for a surfer to catch and ride a wave, a plethora of elements: wind, tide, swell, bottom contour, and others have to come together in perfect precision with perfect timing. Swell is created as wind and storms thousands of miles offshore generate a pulse of energy, which then travels across countless miles of ocean and arrives at a surfer’s local break.


As this swell collides with the beach the different elements: direction, tide, swell period, sand, reef, etc. cause the waves to break differently. Each wave is completely and utterly unique and that is what keeps us hooked as surfers. The variety keeps us excited, longing, and coming back.



Surfers in Africa would be STOKED to see a swell chart looking like this

Examining waves all over the world displays the radical, ridiculous beauty of the phenomena of wave-sliding that we call surfing.


  • J-bay has a perfect, God-shaped rock bottom and predominantly offshore winds that created the flawless right-hand walls; continually mind-surfed by every surfer all over the world.



Mind-surf this. Photo: Roy Harley

  • Skeleton Bay has a crazy build-up of desert sand and steep drop-off that create one of the scariest, fastest, craziest barrels in the world.



Shannon Ainslie loving that crazy build-up of desert sand

  • Trestles has a collection of giant cobblestone rocks that create a ridiculously rippable A-frame skatepark that makes every average Joe surfer feel like Kelly Slater.



Kelly Slater feeling like himself at Lowers

Even more majestic than the diversity of the countless variety of waves across the world is that the swell that results in these waves is the same.


The same pulse of energy that creates dreamy right-handers in Jeffrey’s Bay also creates mind-boggling, grinding left barrels in Skeleton Bay. This swell, created far, far away in the middle of the ocean is a power, a force, a movement. Although you can’t see its source, you can feel it’s power and you can see it when it hits the shore in the form of a wave.


Christian Surfers has a theme of being like a groundswell and in many ways it is. There is a source of energy and power and awesomeness that is moving amongst surfers all over the world. It is the same source but it uniquely reveals through different surfers in different places.




God’s mission for Jesus in Isaiah 49 is quite similar to the mission he has bestowed upon Christian Surfers. To be a light and bring his salvation to the ends of the Earth. Surfing is a mind-bogglingly awesome gift but it is also a tool. The groundswell of God’s love is empowering ordinary surfers all over the world to trust Him to do the extraordinary. Earlier in Isaiah 49 God says, “You are my servant Israel, in who I will display my splendor.” The God of the universe desires to display His splendor through us.


God’s groundswell is hitting Africa and displaying itself in unique and wonderful ways through the guys in the video above and countless other surfers across the continent and across the globe. Please pray for Christian Surfers and particularly these guys as they take Jesus’s salvation to the ends of the Earth.


For any more information about CS Africa or to support or contact any of the guys in the video please email:


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